Dispute Resolution

We are trained and qualified in all forms of dispute resolution, therefore the application of dispute resolution mechanisms is undertaken instinctively, promptly and timeously.  Our ethos is to always defend and promote the best interest of our clients, we promise to always stand by, and for, you.

Alternative and amicable dispute resolution is strongly encouraged and reinforced by the courts. Therefore, right from the inception of a transaction or process we ensure that parties understand the terms and their implications, we build into the process a means for amicable resolution while providing a detailed dispute resolution mechanism in the failure of amicable resolution. We provide and undertake all forms of dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and litigation. Using our dispute resolution experience, business acumen and commercial law expertise, we pursue prompt, effective and comprehensive resolutions to disputes.

Do not hesitate to Contact Us with the details of your case with supporting documents, if available, and we shall endeavor to obtain prompt resolution of the issues while safeguarding your interests at every step.  

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