Employment, Immigration & Incentives

Geared with comprehensive knowledge of legal and regulatory employment requirements, we partner with our clients, regardless of the industry, and provide practical, relevant and value-added answers and solutions to employment concerns. We strive to ensure employment rights are enforced, employment relations concerns are resolved and all aspects of the employer/employee relationship is upheld. We are experienced dispute resolution lawyers, tax lawyers, immigration lawyers, employment and labor law specialists, so we effectively utilize our expertise to resolve the issues, albeit simple or complex.

Having significant experience working with immigration agencies, we work towards making the immigration process for foreign employees, affiliates or consultants seamless and timeous. We address all immigration and labor concerns and provide innovative solutions to challenges faced including expatriate quota, business permit and regulatory compliance, work visa and entry clearance visa, citizenship and naturalization, immigration and tax status of foreign workers and multi-national/foreign companies.  

We provide creative strategies and documents for: employee hire and retention; diversity and inclusion; equal employment opportunity (EEO); negotiation and review of employment contracts and consultancy arrangements; employment incentives including salaries, pensions, benefit packages and employee share schemes; disciplinary measures and termination, health and safety compliance. We also advise on outsourcing, secondment, independent contractors and tax liability.

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